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"Wisdom beautifies the character"

Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara Sunday Dhamma School is the ground provided for future of the nation. Dhamma school nourishes the timid minds of the blooming childhood to filter the good from evil in the life. As well as it started with objective of imparting a comprehensive knowledge Buddhist philosophy and Sri Lankan culture to your children. The skilled and the devoted staff of teachers guide the children in the Buddhapath ,enlighting their spirit, atitudes, talents and knowledge. The talented blooms of the Dhamma School keep up the top status of the Dhamma School in every field.

Dear Children,
Our Dhamma School is the best place for us to learn good values and teachings of Lord Buddha. Therefore, you all should come to the Dhamma School enthusiastically. The monks and your teachers at the temple take grate effort to teach you Dhamma by sacrificing their valuable time and energy. Your teachers don’t get or expect anything in return for their services. So you must make it a point to attend your Dhamma School classes regularly. And don’t forget that however busy your mother and father might be, they bring you to the temple because they love you and want you to learn good values and customes. I would like to share with you some lessons that Lord Buddha taught. During Buddha’s time, a father asked Lord Buddha “What is the most precious gift a man could have? So remember, you are extremely precious to your parents. That is way they work so hard to provide for you and guide you. Another time Lord Buddha explained who a good son or daughter is. He preached this in pali as Matha Piunnam manan Purtheethi Puththa. Let me explain to you the meaning of this pali verse, Please remember it well. A good son or daughter keeps their mother and father happy. So, if we make our parents unhappy, we can not be good sons and daughters. Do you know how to make your parents happy? You must study well and learn good values. Don’t ever get into bad habits or harm other beings. Don’t tell lies and don’t steal. Don’t take drugs or get used to alcohol. You must upkeep the five precepts of Buddhism. The most valuable gift we have is Buddha’s teachings-Dhamma. You have to come to the temple often to be familiar with dhamma. Please remember your parents as well as monks in the temple will be extremely happy to see your value and practice good Buddhist habits and Sinhala Customs.


Makandure Dhammapeethi



Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara Pasadena