Jan, 2017

New Year

New Year Celebration on January 1st

Apr, 2017

Youth on April 10th Sunday

(SAMADHI) Orientation Program for Collage Students and Youth on April 23ed Sunday. This program is especially aimed at youth in order for them to overcome their psychological disturbances such as stress, distractions, depression and lack of focus that they might confront in the field of their studies and to help them restore their confidence and determination

Apr, 2017

New Year Celebration

New Year Celebration & Lama Bakmaha Ulela  (Sri Lankan) on April 16th Sunday

May, 2017

Wesak Celebration

Wesak Celebration (Marking the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of the Supreme Buddha) on May 13th  Saturday.


Jun, 2017

Candle Light Ceremony

Candle Light Ceremony for world peace & Poson Celebration (marking the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka) on the Full Moon Day in the month of June 10th  Saturday.

Jul, 2017

Vas Invitation

Vas Invitation (Devotees of the LA Buddhist Vihara will Invite Buddhist Monks to Observe the Rains Retreat) on July 09th Sunday.

Oct, 2017

Katina Ceremony

Kathina Ceremony (marking the end of Rainy season and offering the robe and other gifts to the monks) on October 15th  Sunday.

Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara Pasadena